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BiG is a Greek search engine created with the express purpose of indexing and cataloging Hellenic websites.
It relies on spidering mechanisms to retrieve data from the domains that it indexes.

HINT : You can search with both English and Greek characters.... results depend on what the page that was indexed had in it, so it is relatively safe to expect to get diferent results when you are searching for the same thing, but in the two diferent languages.
In some cases some results may match both english and greek keywords.
For example, assume you are looking for rooms to rent in the island of Crete. You could search either for "rooms in crete" or you could search with "δωμάτια στην κρήτη". Each of these queries will produce a diferent set of results, where there will be many diferent results and a few similar.

HINT : As results depend greatly on what each website has in it, try to think in terms of how sites tend to describe themselves. Many website operators do not include generic terms that are very often used in search engines, even if they are relevant to their website. The best results require a small degree of imagination.

If you are interested in browsing through a directory type engine you can look at the following :

The indexing of new sites continues on a daily basis, so expect to see more and better results as time goes by.

Also, please remember that respects the wishes of website operators who do not want their sites indexed by "robots" and will not index such sites. So if you cant find something in our search engine then there are two possible explanations...
either we have not goten around to indexing it yet (but we will) or the website does not want to be indexed....

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